Sometimes in life we experience difficulties that knock down our sense of who we are and affect how we deal with ourselves and the world.

Starting a journey in psychotherapy helps healing wounds that might be old but still have consequences in our present.

We have an opportunity to safely explore our deepest feelings and find new ways to deal with stuck situations in our life.

Psychotherapy can help us to be creative and to get in touch with our spontaneity.


Some of the common issues that can be explored in psychotherapy are: 

  • trauma symptoms (including anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares)

  • Postnatal difficulties (PND, struggling to bond with baby, loss of identity, marking the transition into the new role of a parent)

  • Relationship difficulties

  • dealing with depression and anxiety

  • exploring feelings of being stuck, worthless, or without a direction

  • working through anger, grief, difficulties with others in our life, issues with food, sexuality and body image.

  • exploring unhelpful and repetitive behaviours such as finding ourselves always in the wrong relationships.

  • Finding creative ways to deal with Addiction (to substance, sex, gambling, etc)

Issues Psychotherapy can help you with