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" A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.

And when you are near I will tear your eyes out

and place them instead of mine,

and you will tear my eyes out

and will place them instead of yours,

then I will look at me with mine."

Dr. J.L. Moreno

Psychodrama is an Action based form of Psychotherapy that puts your mind on stage.

Instead of just talking about your feelings, you can represent them using props, like figurines, sand tray, drawings, or through sculpting them with your body. In this way you can set up a dialogue between parts of yourself gaining clarity and understanding of yourself, your past and your relationships with others.

Psychodrama Psychotherapy is applied in 1:1 and Group Settings.


In a group setting, Psychodrama enables people to enact and explore situations from their own life past, present and future. The scenes enacted may be based on specific events in a person's life. These might include current or past relationships, unfinished business, desired roles, or inner thoughts and conflicts.


Action Based Psychotherapy enables people to overcome their fears, to resolve past loss and trauma, and to improve their relationships with themselves and others.

Other benefits of psychotherapy include:

  • working through trauma and the symptoms

  • dealing with depression and anxiety

  • exploring feelings of being stuck, worthless, or without a direction

  • working through anger, grief, difficulties with others in our life, issues with food, sexuality and body image.

  • exploring unhelpful and repetitive behaviours such as finding ourselves always in the wrong relationships.

  • Finding creative ways to deal with Addiction (to substance, sex, gambling, etc)

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