I work in an empathetic and non-judgemental way, helping clients to realise their full potential. At the heart of my practice is the relationship with the client, which has a huge therapeutic potential. I aim to provide a holding and containing environment where a profound exploration can take place.

Clients are welcome to come for a first assessment, at a reduced rate, to discuss what concerns bring them to therapy and how we might work together. They are then free to decide if they wish to proceed with therapy.


Psychodrama Groups are creative groups in which participants enact part of themselves or their life in a supportive and safe way. 

"Don't tell me, show me" is the creative principle behind these groups, which enhance each client's spontaneity and ability to implement valuable changes in their life. 



“Stepping into Mama's shoes” is a creative group thought for mums struggling with perinatal difficulties, such as: PND, anxiety, not bonding with baby, identity loss, etc. Together, in the group, mums can make sense of why their experience of motherhood is not like they imagined. They can mark the transition to becoming a mother, negotiating the parts of themselves they need to let go of, and the parts they can really rely on, in their new journey. Together, mums can safely explore their deepest feelings and use their creativity to discover and celebrate themselves as an individual and as a mother.

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There are currently available spaces. Get in touch for a free assessment. 

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