Stepping into Mama's shoes 

"Through the process of reflection, you can enhance the coherence of your life narrative and improve your relationship with your child."

D.J. Siegel

I have thought about this group as a safe and supportive space where struggling mums can share their experience of becoming mums.


As mums we try to prepare so well for the birth of our baby: we go to classes, groups and read books. Yet, when baby arrives, some of us just can't help but feel sad. We may not be able to bond with the baby, we may get in touch with very difficult feelings, and old fears and anxieties may come back to revisit us.


Some of us may find it difficult to talk to other people about how we feel because there's an expectation that, as mums, we should know what we're doing and we can just follow our instinct. And yet, everything seems hard.


We fear we have lost our sense of self, our identity, and control over our life. Sometimes there is no one to help.

We can feel depressed, hopeless and disappointed that our expectations of ourselves - as the ideal mother we thought we would be, and the perfect baby we thought we would have - are not met.

We may lose perspective, and start listening more and more to our inner critic that tells us we are not good enough, that we will not be able to cope, that we are alone, etc.


Or, as mothers of older children, we may struggle to contain our feelings and their feelings within safe boundaries. This could make us feel inadequate, guilty and unable to trust ourselves.

Memories of our own childhood may emerge, confusing our experience of motherhood with that of our parents.


If you recognise yourself in some aspects of this description, and you find yourself struggling as a mum, then this group is for you.


Together, in the group, mums can make sense of why their experience of motherhood is not like they imagined. They can mark the transition to becoming a mother, negotiating the parts of themselves they need to let go of, and the parts they can really rely on, in their new journey.

Together, mums can safely explore their deepest feelings and use their creativity to discover and celebrate themselves as an individual and as a mother.

Mums can support each other in finding ways to transform disappointments into acceptance, and love for themselves and their new family.

Together women can help each other to identify their own individual way to be mothers, free from their own expectations and those of others. They can support each other in healing past hurts that are getting in the way of enjoying their role as a parent.


About the group

“Stepping into Mama's shoes” is a creative group that uses creative exercises to explore whatever mums bring to the session, allowing them to obtain clarity, healing and support. Typically, we would have an initial check in, followed by a creative warm up where group members would think about a particular theme using images, movement, or props.

We would then use psychodramatic techniques to explore what has emerged in depth. This might be a group exploration, or it might focus on the story of one group member. We will end the session with mums sharing with each other the personal connections they have made in relation to the work during the session.


Group Details We meet every Saturday in the morning (Time TBC) at 198 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2DJ, Brighton.

Group members commit for 6 initial sessions, with the possibility of ongoing booking thereafter. The cost per session is £15, which includes a free assessment with Babi.

For more info, or to book an assessment, call Babi on 07814717399. Or email her on 

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